The Portsea Camp

Recreation Leaders

Recreation Leaders (Reccies) are responsible for running camp activities with the support of Room Leaders and Juniors. The recreation program is designed by the camp’s Recreation Coordinator with a range of activities to meet all children’s developmental abilities and needs. Reccies are organised into teams, each focusing on a component of the overall program:

High Flyers – high ropes, giant swing, flying fox, team building,  bouldering, carnival, initiatives

Waterbabes – swimming, canoeing, snorkelling, fishing, boat rides, oceanography, sandcastles, oceanography

Fruit Flies – concerts, disco, yoga, acting, face painting, massage, mask making, dancing, singing, acrobalance, movies, meditation, story telling, puppets, drumming, tai chi

Crafty’s – art and craft, woodcraft, friendship bands, plaster casts, paper making, hair wraps, nail art

Hitchhikers – hikes, campout, campfire, bush cooking, construction, orienteering,

Sporties – bike riding, cricket, volleyball, netball, basketball, T-ball, Buroinjin, soccer, badminton, scooters, frisbies, helicopter

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